Notes of Parent’s Voice Meeting – Monday 11 February 2013


Notes of Parent’s Voice Meeting – Monday 11 February 2013

In Attendance                     

Sarah Jenkinson                

Donna Ross

Joanne Cook                                   

Alison Tracy                         

Eddie Longden                   

Tracy Hayden                      

Lisa Ardron                          

Souhila Djaroud                 

Lynn Bell                              

Lorraine Clapham              

Kelly Astle                            

Karen Hazelhurst               

Jayne Edwards                   

Christine France                 

Natalia Johnson    

Sarah thanked everyone for attending and outlined the purpose of the group.

01/13 – Update

Sarah, Donna and Joanne updated the group on what was currently happening within school and relayed information from the ‘open’ meeting on 7th February 2013.

02/13 – Reading in School

A discussion took place regarding the above.  Donna informed the group what was happening in school with regards auditing and replenishing books, with the intention of a centralised ‘school library’. All agreed this would be a welcome addition.

A query was raised regarding reading interventions and whether more pupils requiring additional help could access this.  It was suggested parents could attend training in order to assist within this area.  Sarah to discuss this with Mrs Fearnley.

Parents of older children questioned whether appropriate books were available.  Sarah to discuss this with Mrs Fearnley.

Feedback received regarding ‘Bug Club’ was very positive.

03/13 – Homework

Sarah updated the group on what had been said in the meeting on the 7th regarding homework.  More ‘open ended’ projects were to be given to the children which would include parent/children working together.  All children will be given homework which is relevant to their age/learning ability.  Homework diaries will soon be utilised within school which will aid communication between parents/teachers.

Mrs Fearnley is currently looking into ‘spellings’ school wide.

04/13 – Communication

The school website is available for all parents to view .  This will be updated on a regular basis.

It was suggested that letters/leaflets etc be e-mailed to parents as well as paper copies being sent home with the children.

Text-alerts are currently taking place regarding events within school and this seems to be working well.  Parents to ensure their details are up-to-date with the office.

05/13 – Rewards / discipline

A lengthy discussion took place regarding the use of ‘smilies’ within school.  Lack of consistency between classes / teachers was a concern.  The group explored other methods of praising the children and wondered if a ‘project team’ could be developed to work with the school management/ school council to develop a more appropriate way of rewarding children.  It was felt that the ‘Oh Dear’ system lacked consistency and a more robust method was needed.  ? possibly developing a school code of conduct/ behaviour/ learning with the children so they know what is expected of them. Staff at the school have reviewed the Behaviour Policy, rewards and sanctions are being developed to promote positive behaviour.

06/13 – Uniform

A discussion took place regarding school uniform.  The February school newsletter stated what children are required to wear to school and for PE. A number of parents questioned whether this could be enforced or rewards/discipline used. Sarah to discuss this with Mrs Fearnley.

07/13 – Date of next Meeting


                        To be confirmed.