Rainforest Work and Displays from Jaguars and Chimps – Years 3 and 4

Our topic for this term has been The Rainforest.

We have learned so much about the plants, animals and people that live there! We have baked, painted, written, sewn, woven, measured, cut, sorted, weighed, researched, designed and much more during our learning!

We also had chance to visit Tropical World in Leeds to experience a little of what the tropical rainforests feel like and to catch a glimpse of some of the unusual and colourful insects and creatures that live there.

smudge with artists pastels

Miss Taylor, a specialist art teacher, visited us to help us learn some new techniques, including how to smudge with artists pastels.

We used them to create close-ups of butterfly’s wings.

smudge with artists pastels

weaving techniques, appliqué, sewing and fabric painting

Miss Taylor also showed us weaving techniques, appliqué, sewing and fabric painting with water colours. All our designs are based on butterflies.

butterflys weaving

weaving techniques, appliqué, sewing and fabric painting


We designed and made our own rain-sticks. We looked at traditional rain-sticks and tried to base our designs on these. We used our maths skills to measure the materials we needed and experimented with different ways we could make the sound of rain.

Rain Sticks


During our literacy lessons we have been looking at poetry. We learned about Haiku’s – a type of Japanese poem about nature – and looked at a descriptive poem called ‘The magic Box’ by Kit Wright. We wrote our own poems based on these works.


poems 8

poems 9

We are very proud of our learning and lots of our work is on display throughout the school. Below are some links to more infomation