Wentworth Woodhouse visit


Scorpion class (Year 6)  visited Wentworth Woodhouse to find out about the history of the local area. After a lovely walk through the village and past the damns, the children were given a special guided tour of the house.

We were able to see the stunning rooms in the house, as well as find out what life was like in the 1700’s. The tour guide told us about the work of a coal boy there, called Joseph Simpson whose job it was to keep the 326 fireplaces in Wentworth burning! We were very impressed by what we saw and fount out, and we have been very eager to follow up this work in class.


After their visit to Wentworth Woodhouse, Year 6 (Scorpion class) have been using what they found out to investigate the area andperimeter of rooms in the house.  They worked very hard to measure and draw the length and width of the rooms, then used different ways to calculate the area. Some children used length x width of rectangles and compound shapes, other children counted squares and


some children even calculated the volume and surface area of each room!  This helped Scorpion class to visualise the space inside shapes.

Well done Scorpions!