Y5/6D Learning Blog


Last week in maths lessons we created kites that we would like to take to the beach.

To create our kites we had to think about the shape of a kite.

We learnt that a kite can also be called a quadrilateral, because it has four sides.

Also we measured the kites angles and found it had acute, obtuse and right angles.

Here are some of the kites we made.


Rawmarsh  CLC Visit 

On the 30th of November Y5/6D went to Rawmarsh CLC for the day. While at the CLC the children had chance to create comics about the story of Peter Pan, which linked to the pantomime we have been learning about.

The children also created their own television news reports about Habershon House. They were able to take on different roles. For example presenters, reporters, local residents,  camera operators, sound techniques and also worked in the control room making sure everything looked at sounded great. Below are some photographs of the children in the studio creating their news reports.



Targets For The New Year

On the last day of school before the Christmas break, the children wrote targets for the new year.IMG_2006[1].JPG

The children  folded over a piece of paper and drew the number 2016. Underneath the 2 the children wrote two targets they would like to achieve by the end of 2016. Next they wrote one thing they would not like to take into the new year under the 0. Under the 1 the children wrote one place they would like to visit in the new year. Then finally, under the 6 they wrote six books they would like to read in the new year. At the end of the school year, the children will look back at these targets and evaluate how much they have achieved.

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