Breakfast – yummy

You’ll be pleased to hear that all the children were fast asleep by 10pm and slept through! We are now fully refuelled with a beautiful breakfast ready for our boat trip to the Farne Islands.

image image image image image

7 responses to “Breakfast – yummy

  1. Morning Beau
    Hope you slept well chick. Your breakfast looks lovely I just hope you and Miss Moremon hold onto it on the boat trip! Enjoy xxxx


  2. That will set you up for the day! Enjoy the boat trip,⚓️⛵️🚤 our Jo tells me Mrs Morman is particularly looking forward to it 😷😓😰 x


  3. Awww…… get wrapped up warm for your adventure to the Farne Island – hope the Sea is not too choppy!!!! Enjoy x


  4. Oh my goodness that breakfast looks scrumptious……wish I was there to sample some!!..I’ll just stick to my ready- break..(sigh!!)


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