Today the children were shown a price list for Bamburgh castle. The children worked together in small groups to generate their own questions, from which we chose a question to discuss as a class: Should school children pay to visit museums and castles? What do you think?

Tyler – I think that museums should be free so that anyone and everyone can go and see them.

Charlie – I disagree with you because I feel that if museums do not have any funds, they cannot afford to run the business which will mean the exhibits may become damaged and ruined.

Molly – I agree with Charlie because people may lose their jobs, which affects many families in the local area.

Alyssa – I disagree because museums and castles have lots of learning opportunities for children and so it is free.

Bradley L – I agree with Alyssa because some children miss out on learning if they cant afford it.

Callum – I disagree with you Bradley because school children are still members of the public so everyone should pay.

Ashley – If schools pay, they will waste their momey which they should be spending on equipment.

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