Today we read part of the story ‘Rose Blanche’ by Roberto Innocenti and Ian McEwan. We stopped at a shocking picture of a young boy being captured by a German soldier and a Gestapo Officer.

In groups we used the image to create our own open-ended questions. The winning question was:

Should children have to see and suffer violence from adults?

Freddie – Just because the soldiers are told to do that, it doesn’t mean they have to listen.

Ashley – I agree Freddie. It’s not fair that adults, who are much stronger, hurt children.

Lucas – I agree because it is bullying.

Tyler – I agree with you all but I also disagree because in this village, the soldiers have to be tough on civilians so they can do their job properly. The boy may have tried to steal or hurt someone so may deserve to be captured.

Alyssa D – I disagree because if children see violence of any kind, they may grow up to think this is normal and treat their own children in this way.

What is your opinion? Leave a message in the comments!


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