P4C on Climate Change

Today during our P4C session we watched a short documentary (above) on the effects of climate change. The children discussed the documentary in groups to come up with inquiry questions for a class discussion. After a vote the children decided on the question:

How would you feel if your home was destroyed?

Here are some of the responses from our class discussion.

Bailey: “I would feel let down”

Kailyn: “I’d feel upset”

Lily: “I agree with Kailyn because I wouldn’t have anywhere to live”

Jay: ” I would feel sad because without a house I would live on the street”

Summer: “I agree but the earth is more important than our houses”

Molly: ” I would miss my cosy bed, on a cold night we would have to sleep under leaves”

Adam: “I would feel sad, we would have no food and we could die”


As part of our homework this week we would like you to watch the documentary and leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments. Please remember our P4C rules and respect each others views. Discuss your thoughts and opinions with family members to find out their views on this topic.


10 responses to “P4C on Climate Change

  1. I think we should not use carbon fuel and then hopefully it will slow down the climate change so then the animals will not die then we may not have as many floods, drouts, tornadoughs, are hurricanes

    Tristan Allen


  2. i think we should stop wasting paper and stop using carbon fuels as much because then it wont flood animals habitats and homes and stop releasing gas from buildings. I would feel heartbroken if my home was destroyed like the people in America by hurricane Mathew I would have no where to live.


  3. Wow! What fantastic responses. I am very impressed and even more so that you all recognise just how important it is that we all contribute to help reduce the impact of climate change. I think we have some super star geographers in the making! Miss P X


  4. we need to walk nearly everywhere sometimes so we don’t cause global warming by using are cars.


  5. i am scared for the worlds future im going to try and help by recycling and walking more instead of using the car


  6. We should stop using carbon fuel by not using cars very often and stop using loads of gases.


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