16 responses to “P4C in Y6G

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  2. I think Y6G had great comments with valid points of views about there ambitions. I really enjoyed the video well done all of you.


  3. Just watched the video clip from Y6G. Some good points made but I (Fraser and Arrans mum) think that the child should pick their own career as it is their life and they need to be happy in what they choose to do as you spend a lot of your life at work. Fraser thinks that kids should be able to pick their own career, however it is good for the parents to give some guidance and advice. Arran thinks the same as Fraser. Fraser Y6G AND Arran Y2B


  4. I think every body should have an opinion but your parent could help you with advice. Caden Dickson


  5. We have watched a few videos on the blogs, Harley and I had a discussion and we think it’s best for the child to make their own choice in what they want to do. Although abit of advice from parents or older relatives is always good as they have more experience. Fantastic points from all the children, well done.

    Sarah (mum) & Harley (Y3R)


  6. I think everyone should have right to control their own ambitions and not follow anybody else’s dream because you have got control to what your life wants to be like maybe you mum can tell you what you are good at but that doesn’t mean you have to go out and do it yourself choose what you want to choose because nobody else can say no it’s your life


  7. A child should pick their own career and do what makes them happy. parents can give good advice and guidance to their child.


  8. Great video y6 some great points my thoughts are that every child should be able to choose their own career and has parents we should only support, guide and help in what ever way we can, as long has they are happy in what they have chosen that’s all the parent wants.


  9. every child shoukd be entitled to choose their own career but alongside guidance from parents and adults whi have their best interest at heart


  10. Enjoyed watching the video Y6, good points. We agree with Connor and feel its not right to control other peoples ambitions but to let everyone have a chance to choose and work towards what they want in the future but to be there to support and give advice.


  11. I have watched the video with my dad and we both think there were some good points made.It,s not a matter of being told what to do with your life but what NOT to do with your life.Some people give reliable advice as to which path in life their children should take.


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