Dogs Trust come to Greasbrough

This morning we were very lucky to welcome Emma from Dogs Trust into our school.

As part of our topic this half term on pets Emma came in to talk to us about dogs. We learnt lots of interesting facts such as:

  • How to feed your dog using the correct amounts and how many times a day you should feed them.
  • The importance of walking your dog (and picking up their business!)
  • The importance of a dog having a collar and a lead at all times as it is the law
  • How to protect ourselves if a stray dog ran at us when we were out and about
  • What is poisonous for dogs
  • What Dogs Trust do for dogs who need a home

We had a lovely time listening to Emma and joining in with her practical lesson where we used drama to practice some of the demonstrations she taught us.

During our Christmas Fayre we are going to be selling small dog treat bags in order to raise money for the Dog’s Trust and support the dogs who are still looking for a new home. 


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