P4C – Is everyone special?

Today we completed our first P4C enquiry since Christmas. We watched some snippets from the Lego Movie and then some phrases also used. The children then worked in groups to generate a philosophical question. Questions were shared and a blind vote took place with the winning question being ‘How are you special in different ways?’ The children worked superbly building on other children’s ideas to either agree or disagree before giving their reasons. These are some of the comments from the children. Please feel free to comment on the blog to give us your opinion.

“I disagree because villains can’t be special because they ruin people’s lives”

“Every single person is special in some way”

“I disagree because people might make bad decisions so they aren’t special”

“There is hardly anyone in school that makes bad choices so everyone is special”

“Everyone is special in school apart from if there are bullies because they hurt people”

“Even if you are a bully it doesn’t mean you are not special, it just means you’ve taken a wrong path”

“Even if someone at home doesn’t think you’re special someone at school will always think you’re special”

What do you think?

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