Pops Adventure

We have had some special visitors from Pops Adventure Centre who have been teaching us how to up cycle. Using plastic bottles which had been thrown away we took part in a game of archery, made nesting boxes for birds and insects and made poppies for Remembrance Day. IMG_7392_1IMG_7395_1IMG_7401_1IMG_7411IMG_7415IMG_7419IMG_7421IMG_7423IMG_7426_1IMG_7429_1IMG_7433_1IMG_7445_1IMG_7453_1IMG_7460_1IMG_7462_1IMG_7470_1IMG_7471_1IMG_7475_1IMG_7485_1IMG_7488_1IMG_7491_1IMG_7493_1IMG_7500_1IMG_7506_1IMG_7507_1IMG_7513_1IMG_7518_1IMG_7522_1IMG_7543_1IMG_7550_1IMG_7575_1IMG_7581_1IMG_7603_1IMG_7611_1IMG_7622_1IMG_7629_1IMG_7633_1IMG_7637_1IMG_7647_1IMG_7649_1IMG_7655_1IMG_7662_1

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