Diversity & Acceptance Assembly 

As Part of National Bullying Prevention Month we did an assembly on diversity & acceptance of all types of families. We began with volunteers creating what they believed to be the perfect mix of chocolates. Great discussion was had linked to who had the right to claim their choices were the correct choice & in turn did this make other people’s choices wrong! Children were quick & articulate in their decisions that no one choice was the only way to be ‘correct’. We then linked this to families. Images were shared of all different types of families we could recall. Children were then challenged to think about if the same rule applied, did we have the right to claim any one way was the ‘correct’ way to live as a family? It was discussed further & we concluded that a family can be made in many different way but that important factors included love, safety, commitment & unity. Well done everyone … great communication & reflection skills. 

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