Enterprise cake tasting!

Thank you for all your wonderful entries to this year’s bake off! The winner is a closely guarded secret until Friday assembly but here is some picture of our enteries! XIMG_20181112_151416IMG_20181112_151418IMG_20181112_151530IMG_20181112_151444IMG_20181112_151537IMG_20181112_151446IMG_20181112_160018_1IMG_20181112_151523IMG_20181112_151515IMG_20181112_151431IMG_20181112_151520IMG_20181112_151434IMG_20181112_151513IMG_20181112_151423IMG_20181112_151514IMG_20181112_151425IMG_20181112_151504IMG_20181112_151416IMG_20181112_151509IMG_20181112_151418IMG_20181112_151540IMG_20181112_151448IMG_20181112_151454IMG_20181112_152342IMG_20181112_151438

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