Why would someone rip up an attendance certificate and leave it for others to see?

On Monday, Red Class brought Y4B a poster and their attendance certificate which had been destroyed. We were absolutely appalled by this and it led to some interesting discussions and we decided it was important enough to use as a stimulus for our P4C enquiry. We asked some children from red class to come and give us their account of exactly what happened. They had fantastic speaking skills and were able to tell us about the events of Tuesday. It was great to have some younger children leading our learning!  After generating questions to discuss we voted for ‘Why would they leave an attendance certificate for others to see?’ Here are some of the things we talked about:IMG_20181114_135813.jpg

I think they wanted red class to feel upset about winning the attendance certificate. Ashleigh

I agree with you, I think they do want red class to feel upset and they feel jealous. Ella

I agree with you Ella. I think they wanted to show off what they had done. Lily W

I agree Lily W, they might have left it out so they get in trouble.  Luke

I agree with you Luke but they might have felt upset when they lost so they became really angry. Lola.

I agree with you Lola. I think they probably want red class to find out who it was. Charlie

I disagree I think they wanted to make the teacher and children upset. Isabella

I agree with you  but I think the person who took it thinks red class won’t know who won because they are too little Lyla.

I agree with you Lyla but I think they might have left it ripped up because they thought red class would be searching for clues. Paulina

They will lose time from their education and the attendance certificate is all about coming to school. Oliver

I think they wanted red class to get in trouble so they lose some of their break times because they might loose there’s. Ruby.

I agree I also think they might have ripped it up because they didn’t want red class to feel proud for getting the attendance. Lily W

I agree it’ll also mean red class won’t feel good about them selves or winning it again. Ella.

I agree with you Ella I think they might have ripped it up and stole the trophy because they didn’t want anyone to feel good for winning it. Charlie.

Maybe they wanted to take it home and dropped it by accident. Freya.

I disagree with you Freya it wasn’t by accident because the certificate was ripped up. Iyas.

I agree with Iyas. I think they might have done it because they like getting told off. Oliver

I disagree with you Oliver I think they ripped it so that they could blame someone else. Cameron

Why would someone from our school do that? Miss Botham

They might feel jealous and want it for themselves. Harley.

Someone might have forced them to do it. Jenson.

They might have made the wrong choice to do it because they think I’ll get someone else in trouble and can keep the trophy. Ella

They might think Miss Jenkinson made a mistake. Grace

Their class might not have got it and they want it. Lily W

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