Good Morning from Year 4B

6957AAEC-06C1-413B-A38F-952A8AA36D684179BD35-5660-4FAF-80D0-D37045BF2D5EA3A35856-6DF5-4C3C-AE1C-3AD410338597305C9373-37FE-4ECF-A3DE-3462F38C6FD9ACCA053C-9CEB-45FD-80CA-CBA27E3B14DA24535E56-1826-47B4-86A8-638EE07C718FA96AD70A-8A4E-4DC5-B932-6C0E13435577B514C6A9-ECAB-4AF2-ABC5-641CFC79D53EECFAD2A6-FB5A-47AB-9C1B-098C7F302327FBFE8F4E-F9AE-4D6B-B52A-17DAEBF4560C0442CC13-EE5B-4EF3-92A5-BCDA6D915A25In preparation for our times table test in June we are completing a carousel of multiplication activities for our morning maths. Here is a selection of our activities.

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