Time to reflect 🤔

What a fantastic first day we’ve had!

Everyone is exhausted but well worth it! Tonight we have reflected on our day, written diary entries, refuelled and now playing games!

14 responses to “Time to reflect 🤔

  1. Have a lovely night Jenson glad to hear you have enjoyed your first day missing you already love mum dad Harrison n carson xx

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  2. So glad you’ve all had a lovely day. You’ve done a lot on your first day no wonder your all exhausted!
    Miss you Lian love from all of us xxxx

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  3. Night night Ashleigh have you got your parrot onesie on lol I hope you sleep well Bobbie Ronnie and eadie the dog say night night miss you loads have a brilliant day tomorrow as well love you xx xx

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  4. So glad youve had a lovely day! I cant wait to see what you all get upto tomorrow! Good night Harley love you lots Mum Jax & Lottie xxx

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  5. Hope you have had a wonderful day Lil and made lots of memories. Night. Night. Sleep tight. Love you. Mum,Dad, Ethy and Noz xxxx

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  6. Have a fantastic time my little sweetheartsl (lilyandella) making memories missing you both already sleep well for your adventure tomorrow good night love nanan and grandad 🍉🦄❤

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  7. Me and Disney miss you Alexandra bit we are so happy your having a great time, love you pumpkin ❤️❤️❤️


  8. I hope you had a good night’s sleep Freya and you are ready for another fun day today xxx love you xx


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