The Importance of water

F3E5BA4B-0522-4EFB-8533-9CF9C7BAF19349AA63D0-2972-4F02-8E63-58D9FC2055F13C589930-1929-4069-BC91-98ECFEA288CA20327F58-180C-4707-8FBB-A4154BD403E5C85E72C0-9C48-4492-A65A-45A2EDB46D1F1D4016E8-CA31-4DB7-ACA8-6DD2060D46896809846E-C6BB-43F8-9FCB-AD40BDB8C7462BB800C2-B13C-4876-BCC6-15E913298EB68B0C88B5-1FD9-45F8-96E8-EE2C2B40DFFFE7EACD35-1F20-4E45-87DF-BF1CFA0944CFCED32532-A39F-4293-B7A9-3AC91C164623FB4FFD71-1913-40C5-850A-4F150A8FFC75B11C7C31-F8F5-436B-A2D8-2260868C9AF392C2C648-E3A8-4287-8A94-567DA2E4D12475059F78-CBA0-4F34-A25A-B5E39A6E72C75296CDA8-291E-4321-A1A3-D1C8ECA51CB1797CE594-34F1-4648-9B10-08A14F6F13F88686ACF9-C58F-4284-B32E-424C46BA7DFECCE67367-088B-42A7-A9AC-A18BFC5E777571867793-FEFF-4F33-A7BC-93356D1D5E6BFBBB53FA-11E8-4075-9960-B5287F43272C800FB2FD-0286-416B-A7F5-6D26ED26506CD7CB744A-FC35-45FD-85C8-914CFB7FFC707D069D8B-67A1-4139-9343-CCAAB51186B7223B67F6-43CD-455E-8A35-62670C25A346CECBBE95-C673-4DA0-9BCE-2F75B19B0AE7Following our visit to Ewden to learn all about the water cycle and how our water is cleaned. We were lucky enough to invite Charlotte and a Helena from Yorkshire Water into school to teach us more about WaterAid and the importance of water. We learnt about poor sanitation in Ethiopia and how this can cause so many illness for the vast population living there.

We even tested how clean our hands were once we hadn’t been infected by bacteria and washed our hands.

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