Superheroes and Scientists – Fighting together – Y1P.

Today we listened to a story all about germs, the amazing scientists and doctors trying to fight them and our superhero immune systems keeping us safe!

During this time we discussed the coronavirus, how it may affect us and the changes some of the children will be experiencing in the coming weeks.

What do you do if you get sick? – Joel

We discussed new concepts such as self-isolation and social distancing. We also discussed why some people might need to stay away from other people because they are older or already poorly, so their superhero immune systems are not as strong as ours.

Do you always have to wash your hands? – Caolan

Hand washing has been a hot topic when exploring children’s knowledge of coronavirus. We practiced washing our hands, making sure we got our wrists, all of our fingers, in between our fingers and our nails and most importantly making sure we wash our hands for at least 20 seconds!

We then made a list of all the times we should wash our hands:
If you have been to the toilet
If you are going to eat
If you have sneezed or coughed in them
If you have touched something dirty outside

Do you get better? – Heidi

We talked about how lots of people have gotten better from coronavirus, and also the superhero doctors ans scientists that are trying to make vaccines to help people get better.

Things that can help us get better quicker are washing our hands and trying to avoid touching things that could pass germs onto us! So we practiced alternatives to shaking/holding hands.

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