Virtual Choir

Calling all budding singers! Rotherham needs you!

During these tricky times we all need to stick together
and what better way than to sing. Rotherham schools are
creating a virtual choir to spread the happiness. It is
really simple to take part.

Please look at the following YouTube link and singalong to
the video and record yourselves.

This could be parents and children (and other family members!) too!

Please then upload the video on Class Dojo
Once school have received the videos we will then
upload them to be put into one fabulous video.

It would be lovely to get as many children and adults
involved from all our schools so please send your videos
by Wednesday 29th April.

The video will become a public video and therefore
by submitting a video you are agreeing for it to be used.

We are all looking forward to seeing your videos

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