Our KS1 project supports animal welfare during Lockdown 🌈❤️

Our class Nemesis project, linked to our Fur, Skin and Feathers topic, aimed to stop unnecessary hunger for animals. The children decided we could do this by helping animal charities/non-profit organisations that look after homeless animals.

We enjoyed a fantastic animal care workshop in school, run by the PDSA charity and this inspired us to collect food, toys and accessories that could be made into hampers for unfortunate animals.

Engaging with the workshop in school

We wrote to our families and emailed local businesses to invite community participation in our project. In addition to our own collecting, we gained contributions from Jenatex Dance Wear, Tesco (Rotherham), Morrisons (Parkgate) and Pets at home (Cortonwood).

Due to lockdown, and PDSA being unable to collect from us, we democratically decided to pass our contributions to a local animal shelter.

We were aware that one animal shelter was appealing for contributions – this actually turned into two, as we managed to pass on our items to both Netherlands Boarding Kennels and Barnsley and District Animal Welfare in one visit.

These organisations are not funded by the government and need our continued support – what can you do to make a difference?

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