Not a blue day in sight for Y1/2B in Lockdown 🌈❤️

We had an online video P4C lesson today, based on the story

“Lucy in Lockdown,’ written by Chris Duke.

It was lovely to see and speak to everyone who joined our group chat
We read the story together

We talked about what a blue day was.

The children were quite certain that they were avoiding blue days and had a lot of suggestions to help others do the same.

The most popular tips included going outside to run, cycle or trampoline. It was unanimous that hugs are very important for keeping you happy and feeling positive. Two of the girls are running their daily mile to raise money for a local charity, showing how they can help to make others smile, too.

Children talked about what colour their best day would be – gold was very popular, as well as yellow, orange, pink and purple. Bright colours were agreed to be positive.

The book helped us to… ‘remember that it won’t last forever

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