Y1P – Lucy’s in Lockdown

Today we had a virtual lesson to discuss the lovely story Lucy’s in Lockdown.

We discussed the feelings Lucy is experiencing whilst she is in lockdown and how these are represented by the colour of her hair, blue for sad, green for jealous and red for angry or frustrated.
We then decided that there are other colours that your hair could be, such as pink, golden and orange and that these colours all mean happy!

Next we went onto talking about how speaking to people we are missing such as our family and friends over the internet can be good for our mental health and help keep us feeling happy.

Last, we made a fabulous list of all of the things we could do to help other people’s mental health, whether this is at homes or people we are living apart from.
Our list is:
Make them laugh
Be kind
Tell a joke
Play online games together
Give the people in your house hugs and kisses

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