☀️ Super sunny STEM investigation

We conducted an investigation today, to see what sunglasses our teddy might need to protect his eyes.

We wanted to make sure he would be safe on a visit to the seaside ⚓️

Bears need to protect their eyes from the sunshine, just like us…


We used a data-logger to record light in the classroom, which showed as 150lx without any filters or blocks.

We considered light paddles in the colours of the rainbow, to see which coloured plastic lens would work the best for sunglasses.

Our predictions were varied, but three children were thinking that purple would be the best option.

They assured me it was not just their favourite colour.

Using the data logger to test the paddles

Children measured the different coloured paddles by putting the colour filter over the sensor on our data logger.

We did this carefully to maintain social distancing and safety in the classroom.

Our results

Which do you think would make the best sunglasses and why?

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