A very big thank you!

Today at Greasbrough we wanted to show our appreciation and gratitude to all of the NHS staff and key workers helping to fight the virus and keep us safe. We created a large rainbow and measured out different points which were two metres apart for us to be able to stand or sit around it. We also conducted our own experiments of growing our own rainbow following a few simple steps. Here are our results. 175A1041-943F-419F-81DB-A6DA6A72DF3B0A6EBE66-1A1A-43AD-87ED-5547BDE060B6E018DF11-BAB4-4624-86D5-A309341C0A33B215794B-E3BB-466A-97FB-7FD2AC8839417A47952E-1B60-42B7-89E0-996B753E3FF53B41110C-3A08-4BDA-847C-BBF6A6313D173A1AF81F-886F-4329-9591-4BCCEB84EC0534C23C83-58F4-4AD9-85CD-6E7863D8B751D10B2C18-79EB-4F1D-B3AE-C687E6903F3E1A7DB712-9A23-40F3-9F51-DA6A76BD1F5752DD7D4D-5C2C-407D-888A-B41A36C9B1AC2F954A40-CABE-4F19-9F05-0AD7C3CF243F0A356681-1B5F-4DC2-B43C-A4CDB7336082D9949265-9D29-4F24-9055-4DBE2FC962D49292E834-39C0-4550-B827-B9AB614B646298D1261E-EF05-45EB-AD68-B469E3C50198

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