Land Ahoy finale ⚓️

This week we wrapped up our topic work with some fun (and some messy) activities.

We tested a range of materials for a pirate ship, thinking about their properties to make a prediction about whether they might sink or float.

If you want to know how we went on, ask one of us to tell you all about it…

we even went on to test other items, too (Mrs S and I refused to be tested though!).

We also investigated whether we could paint bubbles by using bubble mixture, topped up with paint. Strangely, the green paint did not work, but the blue created the effect we were looking for as a backdrop for some of out display work. We used a large roll of paper to allow our distancing.

With transition starting soon, we had a talk about kindness in a P4C session. We thought of ways to be kind and how that helps us in school and at home. We decided that kindness makes our classroom a lovely place to be. To prove this, we were all given 3 sticky notes each to write compliments on for others in the classroom. When we had written these out, we all put our heads down so that the compliments could be secretly delivered by taking table turns- I know that our children are really kind because everyone who gave out compliments also got some back! 🧡

Land Ahoy has been a really fun topic at home and in school!

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