The Greasbrough Park Project Continues…

During the coronavirus crisis the children and staff at Greasbrough Primary School have worked extremely hard to support the local community. 

Key Stage Two NEMESIS: The Greasbrough Park Project

Last year, Y4 at Greasbrough Primary School started a project to support their local park. What they did not know is what an important contribution they would make to their society a year later… 

Over the coronavirus pandemic, the park has been a sanctuary to many who have been able to use it to get outside their homes, take exercise and enjoy the sunshine. Their hard work, along with the hard work of the Friends of Greasbrough Park and Rotherham Park Rangers, has meant that people can go for a walk, gather in government allowed groups and has even meant that people can access herbs and spices for cooking at a time when supermarkets were empty.


This year the wildflowers which Y4 planted came back and made some beautiful flower beds and the litter picking which had taken place before the crisis made it a tidy place to be. As we get back to normal, children will now continue to clean their park, plant new shrubs and are working with Sheffield Forgemasters to create a litterbug to promote recycling in the park. 

This is a project which we look forward to developing with the Support of The Friends of Greasbrough Park, RMBC and Love Your Local Area for many years to come…

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