A busy week in 3/4H

We’ve been very busy in 3/4H this week. Keep reading to find out some of the things we’ve been up too.

Literacy: this week we started a new block of writing on narratives. There has been a real buzz in the air about writing since the author of Mokee Joe visited our school so this week we kicked off a block of writing around Narratives . We are going to be using the story “Ug” as a stimulus. We have enjoyed using hot seating to ask questions and acting out character roles.

Art: In art we have been looking at Stone Age patterns. We have then used clay to create Neolithic Drums. We used our research of Stone Age patterned and copied some of these onto our drums. We had to use resilience and critical thinking to be successful in our work.

Finally in science we have continued our learning on sound and how animals use their ears to hear and in geography we have been studying the longitude and latitude of counties in the northern and Southern Hemisphere

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