Afternoon Tea at the Ritz

Today we received a postcard from Paddington. He was letting us know that he had landed safely in London after his long journey from Peru.

Paddington told us that 32 Windsor Gardens was a fantastic place to be live as it is in the centre of London.

Chestnuts wanted to find out what made London so ‘fantastic’ and they wanted to compare it to Greasbrough!

We realised that living in London meant it was easier for you to catch a train that went under the sea! compared to Greasbrough where the nearest train station is Rotherham and that train stays on land.

We also discussed our local shops and soon realised London had A LOT of posh shops and hotels unlike our local CO-OP! These hotels often have people opening the door for you. Chestnuts thought that was rather strange because when you visit the CO-OP the door opens automatically.

Finally we all wanted to know what it would be like to have a fancy Afternoon Tea!

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