Performing a poem

Recently we have been writing our own poetry in class all about our topic The Stone Age. Today we had a class vote and chose this poem to perform and practise our Oracy skills.

A day living in The Stone Age by Benjamin and performed by 3/4H

The early sun creeps through the cracks of my cold, cracked cave,

The stunning, shining, sunlight wakes me up.

My dad walked past so I gave him a wave,

I got up to find my new, special pup.

Suddenly my belly rumbled like a tigers roar, 

So I went to the lake in search of a fish.

My mouth watered picturing the fish in my jaw,

I couldn’t wait for my perfect dish. 

My fish was a massive fish

It was so heavy what I couldn’t pull it up 

I never got it so I made a wish,

Suddenly I caught a bigger fish and I shared it with my pup.

View our video here:

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