Year 3’s final day in Eyam!

To finish our fantastic visit to Eyam, we had another hectic day…

After a lovely full English, we visited Eyam Museum. Here we learnt all about the plagues origins and how rats and fleas played a significant role in the spread of the Black Death. (We also hit the gift shop!)
We considered how each of the above statements were represented in a large image of London during the plague times.
The children applied their knowledge of plague doctors when exploring their uniform, evaluating the effectiveness of the mask worn by doctors.
Using a map to explore the village of Eyam…
We located the infamous plague cottage, identifying key names we had learnt from our visit to the local church when learning about Eyam’s plague history.
Last, we learnt all about stocks and what they were used for. Luckily, we only took pictures and did not actually test them out!

To finish our visit, we met up with the Year 4’s who had just began their Eyam adventure for a delicious ice cream before heading home.

We have had a brilliant time in Eyam and learnt all about its rich history. We cannot wait to continue our Plague learning when we return to Greasbrough.

For now though, we will be getting some rest and a full nights sleep after a very busy two days!

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