Quiz time!

The children went rushing outside when we could hear the church bells ringing from our Youth Hostel tonight. It was so lovely to hear!

We’ve had a quiz before bed, all about what we’ve learnt in Eyam today. Miss Moreman was the quiz master and it was amazing to see what the children had remembered!

The winning team were the Team Stitch with 31 points

(M is secretly smiling inside)

We’re all off to bed now as we’ve got some very tired children. See you all tomorrow!

3 responses to “Quiz time!

  1. Looks like a great evening! Can’t wait to see you tomorrow Jess!! Love you – Mum, Dad and Megs xxx


  2. Amazing well done team Stitch 👍 sleep well Maddie,we can’t wait to see you tomorrow xx love you mum,dad and Reece x


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