Meet you by the Steelmen?

Today, we embarked on a mini adventure following in the footsteps of Jenny and Stevie, the main characters of our class texts ‘Meet Me By the Steelmen’ and ‘Forged in Steel’.

Our journey first began at school, where we used both bus and then tram to travel to Meadowhall. Here we got to see the infamous ‘Teeming’ statue (or as we call them, the Steelmen!). While viewing the statues, we were even lucky enough to meet a gentlemen who used to work in the Steelworks, who told us all about what it was like to work in a steel factory. Finally, during our time at Meadowhall we also noticed another Steel sculpture ‘Heart of Steel’ and even recognised the artwork of our current focus artist, Luke Horton.

Next, we hopped back on the tram and headed to Sheffield. This time, to visit the Women of Steel. Whilst we were there, we visited famous landmarks and features, such as the cathedral and The Crucible. Using what we have learnt so far, we were able to recognise the significance of the building names. After eating our lunch in the Winter Gardens, we completed some sketching of the Women in Steel.

As we travelled we also ticked off local sites as we saw them, using artwork from both Luke Horton and Matt Cockayne.

By the end of our time in Sheffield, we definitely knew why Sheffield as known as ‘Steel City!’

After an excellent day, to return to school, we completed one more (tired) tram and bus journey.

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