Are skittles soluble?

In science today we have been exploring how materials change when they come into contact with water.

The children placed skittles on a plate in a circle and the poured small amounts of warm water on.

The children then used their observation skills to watch the scientific process occur right before their eyes!

When discussing the process the children said the following “

“The colour from the sweets spreads out into the water. The sweet is covered in a shell made of coloured sugar. This dissolves in the water to form a solution. When you turn the sweet over, it looks like an eye. There is a bit of the shell left as it was touching the bottom of the plate and the water didn’t get to it to make it dissolve”

The children then came up with some further questions they could ask:

What would happen if we changed the amount of water?

What would happen if we used a different liquid such as milk? 

What would happen if we changed the temperature of the water?

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