Home Learning

Year 3 Home Learning


Home learning is an important part of your child’s education to support what they learn during school time.  We understand it isn’t easy to complete homework each night so I have put together a timetable of what your child should receive each week.


Home learning will be given out on a Friday and should be returned the following Thursday. We will look at the homework on a Thursday and your child will be given positive Dojo points for the completion of each homework task.


Please remember to complete all homework tasks, present your work in your neatest handwriting and write in Pencil only. Drawings must be completed in pencil and coloured in pencil crayon only. No felt tip! Any worksheets or additional work completed on a computer must be stuck neatly in your homework book.

Please see Miss Pearson, Mrs Ramsay or Miss Farmer for additional home learning sheets.



You have a week to practise your spellings. Your spelling test will be the following Friday. You will be tested on 10 spellings. Look carefully at the spelling rule for your group. (Your teacher has told you which group you are)  I have given you 5 examples, you need to write 5 more of your own and practise them all on the handwriting sheet provided. Try practising them by Look cover, write,check.

Reading & Spellings

Group 1 Spelling rule- where ‘y’ makes a short i sound


Myth, gym, Egypt. pyramid, mystery



Group 2 Spelling rule- Split digraph u-e

Tune, dune, rule, cube, flute

Tuesday Reading

Children should read to an adult for at least 10 mins each night. Dojo points will be given for each time they read in the week. This should be documented by an adult in the white home-school diary.

Wednesday Reading and creative/literacy

Young writers- Minecraft Poetry competition. Read the leaflet you have been given. Practice writing your poem. Look at some example to help you. Then write it in your best handwriting on the reverse of your leaflet. Don’t forget to give your poem a title and get an adult to help write your details on the back. You could be in with a chance of winning a prize.

Thursday Reading and PSHE task in planner

Please complete the weekly task found under this week’s section in the planner.

Friday Reading and maths task

See additional sheet