Our Staff Team

Executive Headteacher: Mrs J Fearnley

Head of School: Mrs J Cook

School Business Manager: Mrs L Bridges

Administration Officer: Mrs S Walton

Administration Officer: Miss C Haigh

Administration Officer: Mrs E Hirst

Site Manager: Mr S Eastwood

Teachers & Teaching Assistants

Foundation Stage 1:

Miss M Johnson/Mrs N Hetherington/Mrs M Moody/Mrs L Ellis

Foundation Stage 2

Miss A Moody/Miss Z Ward

Year 1M

Miss K Mills/Mrs A Walton

Year 2R

Mrs C Ramsay/Mrs L Slazak/Mrs J Edwards

Year 3/4T

Miss K Taylor/Mrs A Taylor

Year 3/4H

Mrs F Harrison/Ms Y Moreman

Year 3/4L

Mr M Lindley/Mrs K Morton

Year 5O

Miss E Ockenden/Mrs R Barlow

Year 5/6AM

Miss C Alexander/Mrs A Miller/Mrs J Lawton

Year 6S

Mr L Staveley/Mrs M Vernon

Behaviour for Learning Leader

Mrs S Jenkinson

Learning Mentor

Mrs J Cliff

School Meals Supervisor Assistants

Mrs M Sheppard/Mrs D Warburton/Mrs S Senior/Mrs D Shaw

Breakfast Club Supervisors

Mrs M Sheppard & Mrs L Ellis


Mrs M Sheppard, Ms J Greaves, Miss C Dearden

Declaration of Interests/LA Associated Person Status

All staff at Greasbrough Primary School have completed the Register of Pecuniary Interests. Only one member of staff who has declared any interests, Miss K Parsons. Further details can be found in the register, which is available to view during office hours at Greasbrough Primary School.