Little Acorns, Acorns and Chestnuts Class


Welcome to Little Acorns, Acorns and Chestnuts. Our teachers are Miss Moody (F2 teacher and temporary EYFS Lead), Miss Mills (F1 Teacher) and Mrs Hetherington (Little Acorns Level 6 practitioner)

We are supported by Miss Ward (F2 HLTA), Mrs Moody, Mrs Shephard and Mrs Ellis.

We are always very busy learning in Little Acorns, Acorns and Chestnuts and we know that our parents understand how important it is for children to carry on learning at home in order for us to complete the EYFS curriculum. Take a look at our Class blog to see our latest projects and sign up to your child’s Dojo account to be able to follow our Class story and see ways you can help consolidate your child’s learning.

In Chestnuts children build on their prior F1 knowledge to develop characteristics of an effective learner as well as the 7 areas of the EYFS curriculum. Children primarily learn through carefully planned play based activities in the indoor and outdoor environment. Staff then gauge the children’s interests and next steps in learning in order to plan further adult led group opportunities.

One of the key things we teach children is phonics!

Phonics introduces children to reading and writing by sounding out/segmenting and blending words together. By the end of nursery children should have completed phase one of phonics, throughout their time in Chestnuts they will be learning phases two – four of the letters and sounds document. To help your child carry on this learning at home the website has lots of useful games to support their learning in school. Click the link below to access the site. Ask a member of staff in Acorns or Chestnuts which phase your child is currently working on.

We do understand that the teaching of phonics can often be different from the way you were taught to read and write. The link below will take you to a video which shows the way that children should sound out each letter. These are the sounds (phonemes) your children are learning.

We hope this is helpful for you, if you have any questions about the way your child is taught within the foundation stage please do not hesitate to ask a member of the team. Similarly if you have any evidence of your child’s out of school learning and achievements please share this with us to be included in their personal learning journey of progress.