Red Class Homework

Red Class Homework timetable

Monday –      Reading a book on

Tuesday –      Tricky word flash cards (we explain these words as words we cannot sound out and so we must practice regularly to ‘train our brain’ to remember them) Please write a short score                          or note in your child’s reading diary to let us know how many they can recognise/read each week.

Wednesday – Handwriting – please take 5 minutes to complete a few lines of the next focus letter in your child’s book trying hard to use the correct formation (only one letter per week)

Thursday –     Maths Task – Please complete the short task using a pencil in your maths homework book

Friday –          Reading and time to work on homework/school assessment book

Saturday –      Reading and time to work on homework/school assessment book

Sunday –         Reading and time to work on homework/school assessment book


Handing in work to red class staff

Mondays 8.45 – show your reading diary to a member of staff to receive 1x dojo point for evidence of reading, 1x dojo for a score of how many flashcards you read

Tuesday 8.45 – show your handwriting book, a member of staff will discuss the best letter you did and reward you with a dojo point

Wednesday 8.45 – show your maths homework task to receive a marking stamp and a dojo point (we will keep these then to set the next task)

Thursday/Friday – show any evidence you wish of the tasks you have been completing in your homework/school assessment book to receive dojo points.