Educational Visits 

We have been reviewing our curriculum in school to ensure that it continues to be exciting and engaging for all our children. As part of this curriculum review we have been looking at residential visits for all children in Key Stage 2. We believe that residentials offer children an exciting opportunity to experience curriculum areas first hand alongside their friends.

There are some changes to residentials which are explained below.

Year 3

Children in Year 3 will be experiencing a 1 night residential linked to their topic. The location of the visit will be confirmed once everything has been booked.

Year 4

Children in Year 4 will be experiencing a 2 night residential to Sherwood Forest linked to their topic on Man or Myth.

Year 5

Children in Year 5 will be experiencing a 2 night residential to Stratford as part of their learning on Shakespeare.

Year 6

Children in Year 6 will be experiencing a 4 night residential to Northumberland as part of their learning on Grace Darling and RNLI.

 Prices and dates for the above residentials will be sent separately once they have been finalised.

4 responses to “Educational Visits 

  1. Hi
    Hope your all having the best time, love you my little pumpkin (Alexandra) and i don’t care if that embarrass’s you… oh and don’t forget to brush your teeth ❤️❤️❤️


  2. Have a geat time my little princess lily and ella already missing you but I no you will be having a great time sleep well love nanan grandad🐰🍉❤❤

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  3. Good morning lily and ella hope you had a great sleep and ready for today adventure have the best time girls making memories love you nanan and grandadx


  4. Hope your having a fab time lily (steel) and all the rest of the kids. Mummy misses you can’t wait to hear all about your trip and the memories youve made xx


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