Year 6

Welcome to Y6S!  Mr Staveley is your child’s class teacher and Mrs Vernon is the teaching assistant.

This page will be used to share useful information and links to help you support your child’s education at home.

For all our news and to see the fantastic learning activities the children take part in please visit our learning blog.
SumDog is popular site with the children in school. This website keeps track of your child’s progression, tailoring the difficulty to your child’s needs.

is designed to support your child with their reading skills. this interactive site allows teachers to assign books to your child. Your child should read these books and answer the questions as they go along.


timestableTimes Table Rockstars is a fun interactive game school has subscribed to to support children with learning their times tables. Times tables are an extremely important part in your child’s mathematical development.


SumDog, ActiveLearn and Times Table Rockstars all require login details. Each child in school has been issued with individual logins and these should be found in their Diary. If your child does not know their user details please see your child’s teacher who will provide you with these details.

Thank you Mr Staveley

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