What happens if my child does not meet expectations of the phonics check?

The current expectation (2021) is that Year 1 children segment and blend at least 32/40 words on the phonics screening check. If a child is unable to do this they are reported as ‘working towards’ rather than ‘secure’ at phase 5 phonics skills. Children who do not meet the requirements will receive further phonics intervention and teaching in their Year 2 class. They will sit mock tests in the Autumn and Spring term in order to track progress. Children will also be invited to attend an Early Risers intervention club before school starts, twice a week during the Spring term.

Parents should continue to support their child to progress and meet the standards by reading regularly at home and using the support materials found on the ‘How to support your child’ drop down on this website.

If you have any concerns about your child’s progress in phonics please see your child’s class teacher or Miss Johnson as phonics lead.