Frustrating times at science club for 3/4H

As all great scientists usually discover, experiments don’t always go to plan!

The children at science club experienced this for themselves today. It didn’t seem to matter what we did, the variables were working against us and our experiment would not work. It was so frustrating!!

We were trying to create balloon rockets but the straws kept splitting and then string caused too much friction. We used the learning skill Resilio to be resilient and Professor Thought Shower to problem solve.

The first thing we did was look at what variables we could change. We changed our straw from plastic to paper but that didn’t work so we changed our string to thinner, slippier string and voila! Success was ours!

We had a wonderful time making predictions, testing out theories, changing variables to see how fast or slow we could make the balloon travel and if we had enough air to make the balloon go up hill.

In the end our perseverance meant our experiment was very successful.

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